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Wellness @ Capofaro


The yoga mantra om is a synthesis of syllables representing mind, body and spirit. Aligning with ourselves, with eachother, and with the universe.
Between the sea, the sun, and the whispering windswept Malvasia vineyards, Capofaro validates both oneness and harmony – a place of om.
Situated on Salina, one of seven volcanic sister islands that make up the Sicilian Aeolian archipelago, Capofaro embraces the bespoke tranquility and peace inherent to this place while encompassing the unique energy of didyme, the native word describing the island’s impressive aura.

From September 30th to October 7th the enticing energy of the island draws Elise Joan to Capofaro. Her passionate and energetic teaching style is dynamic and fitness-based, a modern approach rooted in self-discovery and personal growth. Elise has been a headline teacher for Wanderlust, Roxy, FitBit, and lululemon and is a lifestyle expert/national spokesperson for ABC, Livestrong, SHAPE, SELF. Elise is also a creator of the first ever yoga program for Beachbody.

Immerse yourself in a journey tied to nature, good food and wine. A story is told through a symphony of local produce and territorial tradition; culinary dishes are exalted by the kitchen gardens that outline the fresh water pool. Chef Ludovico de Vivo curates delicate, ingredient driven cuisine drawing gastronomic inspiration from the deep blue seas and lush agriculture of Salina. Wellness and solitude radiate from the massage area to the panoramic terrace, a sense of freedom and connection with nature in an uninterrupted horizon. Om permeates Capofaro, rippling through the emerald vineyards and reminding you to embrace the moment.