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    The story of Sicilian cuisine.

  • Kitchen

    Sets you on a path through the heart of Sicilian aromas and taste.

  • Kitchen

    Where the vegetables are harvested straight from our gardens.


An ambitious chef from the South of Italy, Ludovico De Vivo’s food combines the Tasca d’Almerita passion for good food, rooted in a rich and profound gastronomic history, that brings together lessons of the ‘monsu’ (the chefs of the Sicilian and Neapolitan aristocratic homes) with peasant knowledge from historical Sicilian feudal estates. Inspired by the concept of ‘zero kilometer’ cooking, our local vegetable gardens provide 70% of the produce used in the kitchen.  The wheat for the bread* (made with sourdough starter) and pasta is grown in the Tasca family home, Regaleali, as are the olives for the extra virgin olive oil.  Waste is reduced to a minimum, and whatever little is left is transformed into compost for the grapevines. *Our bread was voted ‘best bread on the table in Italy’ by the Gambero Rosso Restaurant Guide 2018.

The chef

Ludovico De Vivo loves to share stories of Sicily’s cuisine with guests at Capofaro. And for those who want to delve even deeper, Ludovico teaches cookery lessons; taking guests on a gastronomic journey starting in the Capofaro garden. An opportunity to learn traditional and modern recipes, share ideas and have fun with the Capofaro kitchen. Guests will enjoy a tasting of what we have prepared at the end of the lesson, with a glass of our dry Malvasia wine. Please confirm your cooking class through reception.


Chef Ludovico De Vivo describes his idea of Sicily in the kitchen: traditional recipes and original creations are made with the knowledge of local ingredients from produce grown in our garden. Our bread, jam, ricotta, marinades and pickled vegetables are all made here in the Capofaro kitchen.

Wine ecosystem

L’immersione in un ecosistema legato al vino è alla base di menù dove i piatti dialogano con le etichette e le tenute Tasca d’Almerita. Tasca d’Almerita da otto generazioni coltiva la terra con passione. Oggi cura in Sicilia cinque tenute,in altrettanti territori: oltre a quella storica di Regaleali,Tascante sull’Etna, Whitaker a Mozia,Sallier de La Tour a Camporeale e Capofaro a Salina.L’amore per il vino si sposa a quello per l’ospitalità e Capofaro rappresenta l’emblema di questa vocazione.