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19 - 21 JUNE 2018

The Caper: Leaves, Fruit and Flowers

The caper plant is an integral part of the landscape and to Salina’s local economy. A presidium Slow Food, this little perennial shrub probably originated in a tropical climate and has long played a strong role in the natural habitat of the Mediterranean; the caper has even been cited for its medicinal use in the […]

20 - 23 SEPTEMBER 2018

Culture and Cooking Experience con Fabrizia Lanza

Fabrizia Lanza was born in Palermo on the 8th of March 1961, she left Sicily at 18 years old. She wanted to make her life outside of a protected and sheltered nest. She graduated with a literature degree in Art History and worked for twenty years in the museum world. At 45 she decided to […]


Pilates with Nikki Chrysostomou

Nikki Chrysostomou: Founder and Director of Tranquility Pilates Centre. Balanced Body Educator. National and International Pilates Presenter. Cranial-Sacral Therapist. Teaching Pilates since 2002, Gyrotonic since 2004 and a Cranial Sacral Therapist since 2015, Nikki has never looked back since taking on her life’s journey in becoming one of the best movement therapy teachers.

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