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FROM APRIL 19 TO 22 2019

Easter at Capofaro

Capofaro is the Easter destination created for friends, guests and food travelers that are seeking relaxation, wellness, and being surrounded by the world of wine and work in the vineyards, in an authentic spring island dimension. Nature, volcano, land, sea: a place capable of stimulating all senses, during the different seasons.¬†Capofaro creates an addiction: aromas, […]

FROM MAY 23 TO 28 2019

Pilates with Nikki Chrysostomou

Coming from a dance background, Nikki has been studying the human body and movement for many years. Nikki is a motivating, positive, and dedicated person who helps people understand their bodies for a better way of life.

21 - 28 SEPTEMBER 2019

Chakra Balancing – Cultivate a Daily Sadhana

Julie Rader has been teaching yoga and meditation for two decades. She has dedicated her life to studying and understanding the power of the mind through meditation.